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Donate to Gold Star Families

Fund direct donations of customized memorial steel art to Gold Star Families. An example of what your donation will do is listed below. Contingent with your donation amount and submitted information, we will design, create, and send a memorial plate to a family that can use the item to honor their lost family member.

Historically, SHplates has been ran on a premise of putting others first. We've donated extensive amounts of memorial pieces to Gold Star Families, military units, and 501(c)3s. According to many, perhaps SHplates has put others first to a fault, and even to a point many business professionals would err against: but honoring our fallen is our most important altruistic initiative and we've alway put deed to action. As we scale, we want to not only continue this trend, but we want to expand this trend. This is where you come in: you can fund the continuation and expansion of smiles and warmed hearts to families that beyond deserve it.

Your donation will fund the design, production, and shipment of a personalized display piece, made by veterans and/or at-risk youth. The fallen would want us to smile and keep living a life worthy of their sacrifice: building interacial community bonds and fostering the veteran/at-risk youth mentorship is something worth doing in their honor.

If desired, please include any desired aspects to the design in your notes (unit, image links, bio, etc) unless you want to give us creative reign: most photos shown as examples on this page were creative reign masterpieces. Additionally, be sure to provide a good ship-to: we can mail it directly to the Gold Star Family or to you to hand-deliver.

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