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What is the typical turnaround time for orders?

Orders are typically created and delivered within two weeks.

How much is shipping?

Free for any orders within the US. For shipping outside the US, please contact us with your desired item(s) and your full address for a quote.

I can't get Customizer to work, or Customizer isn't ideal for my request.

If you are having technical issues with Customizer, please contact us with the item you are trying to customize, your computer's operating system, and your web browser. We'll either help you fix it up, or process your order off the website.

If Customizer is not ideal for your request (rare situations such as verbose memorial pieces or intricate collages,) please proceed to checkout with a blank item and email admin@shplates.com with your design request.

I'd like you to make something not currently listed on the webpage, or a different dimension/weight of art or ruck plate, etc.

Please contact us with what you'd like and we can discuss your custom project.

What are the suggested image resolutions?

For 28x16 steel art, if it is just one photo, we advise 5MB+. For steel art 8x12 and above, 1MB+ images are the standard. 6x4s and 3x2s should have 200KB+ images uploaded. For ruck plates, the general dimensions for wall art rules apply: look at the plate dimensions. 

As a generality, if you're doing multiple images on any of our items, the resolution requirements can be less stringent, but we always suggest using the highest resolution images possible.

It is recommended to not source images through Facebook, as Facebook will reduce images to sub-200KB regardless of the original image upload size. We often get orders where the customer will find the image on somebody's Facebook - try asking them for the original photo. We want you to have the best product possible, and the level of quality difference between 200KB and 5MB is absolutely night and day. You're investing in a veteran company with a unique and patented process you can't get anywhere else: get your money's worth and let us show off how high definition we can etch.

Do you do proofs?

Our process requires heating items up to 500 degrees per layer, a minimum of three times. Any items that are etched are borderline time-restrictive to strip, requiring expensive chemicals or extensive physical force, resulting in massive cost to SHplates. Thus, we do not do photos of item proofs. We do not do screenshots of design proofs in graphic design since the finished product would not resemble what is in our graphic design software: we need to do a lot of equipment-specific stuff that wouldn't make sense in the 'proof.'

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